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Just In: Afro-punk Festival Cancelled for This Weekend!

First an earthquake and now Hurricane Irene.  Mother Nature just had to stick it to us this weekend and unfortunately because of that, the much anticipated, can’t sleep at night, we’re we’re so excited, kick-ass lineup Afro-punk Festival has been cancelled.  See email below:

New York, NY…The City of New York has rescinded all event permits for Saturday, August 27th and Sunday, August 28th because of the impending Hurricane Irene. The Afro-punk festival has been barred from holding any public assembly in Commodore Barry Park this weekend. Afro-punk staff have been meeting with officials and sponsors to try and avoid cancellation but have had to cancel this weekend’s festival due to safety concerns.  The event organizers are regrouping to plan the next steps and will keep the public updated.

So what will you be doing this weekend while on ‘Hurricane Lockdown’?

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