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Su’Juk: Combining Turkish, Southern and Brooklyn Styles in Clinton Hill

Opened September 16th, Su’Juk of Clinton Hill is a quaint boutique named after a Turkish sausage. Not meaning to disappoint people who get hungry from this idea, but there is nothing of the sort sold here. However, Su’Juk offers a fine array of Turkish jewelry, pillows and bath towels. Its friendly owner, Su Beyazit, was born and Turkey and grew up in North Carolina, so there are also some items from down south, such as the knit bottle covers called Freakers. Taking it local, some featured Brooklyn designer items at Su’Juk include clothing from Various Love Affairs and intricate plant arrangements by Roots in Rust.

Beyazit took a DIY-approach to design the store, cohesively incorporating decorative tree branches and yarn alongside vintage posters, floral dresses and one-of-a-kind dishware. This Fall, Su’Juk will offer chunky sweaters, long peacoats and bomber jackets, along with an array of hand-knit items. Prices range from $50-200.

Su’Juk is located on 216 Greene Avenue, Ground Floor, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

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