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Kimchi Ramen at Chuko

(Photo: Kimchi Ramen at Chuko)

Ramen in America has come a long way from the instant variety that has, at one point or another, graced the shelves of college dorms everywhere. In fact, ramen shops practicing the infinitely better “gourmet” variety continue to pop up at an astonishing rate. One such eatery, Chuko has made its mark with a short list of soups, salads and buns that are sure to please. Run by a trio of Morimoto alums, Chuko features typical broths such as miso and soy, but the real star of the menu is the Kimchi Ramen.

Cut to a steaming bowl of crimson soup topped with scallions, raw shredded cabbage and a poached egg. The rich broth delivers a nice amount of heat on its own, but is taken further by hot (both in taste and temperature) pieces of kimchi. These delectable morsels soak up some of the liquid, becoming extremely juicy, but remaining crunchy all the same. Hiding in wait at the bottom of the bowl is the ground pork. While less common than sliced pork or chicken, it offers the perfect textural contrast to the larger pieces of kimchi. For extra heat, ask for a side of flavorful rayu oil, a spicy and garlicky chili condiment that is provided free of charge.

Chuko is located at 552 Vanderbilt Ave, Prospect Heights.

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