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ROBICELLI’S Cupcake Demo, Decorating & Book Party

  • DATE: March 11, 2014
  • TIME: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • PRICE: $35
  • ADDRESS: 7518 13th Avenue

Event Description:

You had their delicious cupcakes when they catered our 1 year anniversary party AND when they had their shop in Bay Ridge. WELL, THEY'RE BACK!!...both at Boulevard and in Bay Ridge. They have a new shop opening AND a new book to whet your appetites!

Matt & Allison Robicelli will visit Boulevard to demo their favorite recipe and show you how to decorate cupcakes so you can make some for your loved ones (spouses, parents, siblings, teachers...whomever!) when you get back home!!

Here's a bit about the book:
Behold the reinvention of the cupcake. At Robicelli’s you will not find any food coloring, fondant, or flowers. Instead, this upscale, in-demand purveyor of distinctly adult-tasting cupcakes delivers a wide range of signature cakes made for one that cater to a more sophisticated palate. These amazingly creative and unique cupcakes, and the ideas behind them, are now available to home cooks in ROBICELLI’S: A Love Story with Cupcakes. More than just another baking book, ROBICELLI’S captures not only Allison and Matt’s unique take on baking but also their edgy, unapologetically hilarious take on life, including how they survived severe economic setbacks to launch one of the country’s most sought after cupcake brands.
Make no mistake; these are not your mother’s, grandmother’s or daughter’s cupcakes. These are the brainchild of two talented and creative bakers!

EVENT FEE: $35 (cost of book)

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