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2014 Meatball Takedown

This Sunday, the Bell House in Gowanus once again hosted Matt Timms' most recent Takedown. This time, hundreds of hungry ticket holders came for competitors' meatballs. And not just you or your neighbor's Italian grandmother's meatballs; duck meatballs, chorizo meatballs, breakfast-in-a-bite sausage meatballs, and turkey meatballs with thanksgiving trimmings were all on hand. More than 20 comeptitors each brought more than 200 homemade savory bites to the sold-out competition.

Of course there are always winners announced. The judges preferred a bành mí meatball from Andrew Gottlieb and the people's choice winner was Bryan Gittleman's spicy beef & bacon teriyaki meatball.

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October 13, 2014

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