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COLUMN:Second Base

  • Can My Escort Friend Date Nice Guys?

    Q: I think my friend is an escort. Her job-which she barely works at- is really sketchy. Seems like all she does is have male clients taking her out to dinners and on trips. She has expensive bags she can’t afford. Once when she was in the bathroom, her cell phone went off, and I saw a message from a Sugar Daddy site. It is annoying to go out with her, because she dresses really slutty and gets all the attention from guys. She talks about how…

  • Tongue-Tied at The Sight of This Girl

    Q: I am 27 year old boy. I like a girl. She is a beautiful, innocent 22 yr old girl. She lives in a girl’s hostel for study. She meets me 2-3 times a week near my market. The problem is that we have not talked yet even once outside of the time we see each other. Please tell me how I would talk to her. A: Aww, this is a sweet story. A tale as old as time, actually. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy…

  • Will I ever meet my husband in NYC?

    Q: I came to NYC for college and ended up staying for the past ten years. I love living here, but I have been single for the last ten years. I really want to get married and have kids now but I feel like finding a man who'll commit in this city is impossible. What should I do? A: I think I can speak for the women of NYC: We HEAR you. There's just something about The Big Apple that keeps a girl single…

  • Should I Write “I’m Bisexual” In My Profile?

    Q: I’m a 32-year-old bisexual male, and I recently started doing online dating. I am on and am seeking women for a serious relationship. Should I write that I am bi in my profile? It's sad that girls may judge me because of this. Shouldn’t I give them a chance to know me first? A: Welcome to the online dating world! There are so many options on Match. To save yourself time, money and stress, I think you should disclose your sexuality either…

  • My Father is Dating a College Girl

    Q: This is really embarrassing. My 53 year old dad has hit an all-time-low. He is dating a 22 year old college girl who is younger than me! He’s a smart, super-successful surgeon, and I can’t believe he thinks there is nothing wrong with this. Do you think he is being taken advantage of? How can I tell him I think this is gross without ruining our relationship? A: When you and your father can sit down for a nice, relaxed conversation - preferably…

  • Feeling Invisible

    Q. The guy I've been dating has this really annoying habit of forgetting all about me when he goes on a business trip or vacation. We keep fighting because he gets annoyed when I complain that he doesn't promptly return my calls. Am I unreasonable to think he doesn't care if he doesn't respond in a day or two no matter what? A. It is not unreasonable to think that people can find a few minutes in even the busiest of days to get…

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