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The Ethical Winter Jacket

(Photo: Tanya Silverman)

What: Vaute Couture Emily Jacket
Outta Pocket: $475
Go Here: Vaute Couture, 324 Grand Street, Williamsburg
Why: It’s nippy, and you need a sturdy coat, but want to steer clear of the mass-produced jackets made in sweatshops. A solution to this dilemma is the Emily Jacket by Vaute Couture, which is locally designed and manufactured. Even more ethical, it’s created from V-wool, which is a comfy, fuzzy vegan material that will keep you warm without having to use any creature’s fur or flesh. Best of all, you can perk up the collar, knot the belt and lighten up a dismal winter atmosphere with an inspiring shade of blue. Talk about animal friendly and fashionable!

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November 1, 2014

November 3, 2014

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