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Coffee Sack Doubles as Stylish New Tote!

(Photos: Brooklyn Industries)

Who doesn’t love a stylish tote? We know we do and we’re ecstatic that Brooklyn Industries’ head handbag designer, Nancy Phan,  walked into Dumbo's Brooklyn Roasting Company and saw an endless sea of unused coffee sacks. Okay, so what’s our point you ask?  The amazing Java Tote mash-up between Brooklyn Industries and Brooklyn Roasting Company was born. Thanks Nancy!!

Coffee and fashion, who knew?!  The stylish and fashionable Java Tote boasts a recycled Jute outer shell, 100% cotton lining, Italian leather features and eye-catching color details.  The unique designs were created with up-cycled materials from a variety of coffee bags from Bali, Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia and Peru.  Be the envy of your friends this spring and summer sporting this cool tote that’s available in 3 color combinations: black leather straps with black lining, black leather straps with blue lining and pink industrial plastic straps with pink lining.  Men, don’t be jealous because the tote’s combined color and graphic detail make them ideally unisex.

The Java Totes are the perfect accessory for the beach, sun bathing in the park, shopping or just hanging out.   And yes,  they were designed sturdy enough to take your  constant ‘abuse’.

Now that you’ve read all the good stuff, we know you’re dying to know when you can snag one of these stylish  accessories.  Sit tight because they’ll be available in limited edition at Brooklyn Industries stores on April 6.

You’ll be glad to note that a portion of the $124 to $138 you shell out for each tote will benefit Kiva, an organization whose mission is to bring about change within the farming industry by directing the economic cycle back to farmers.

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October 25, 2014

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