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It’s not easy to stand out as a style blazer in an artistic hotbed like Brooklyn, but we rounded up a group of eight creative tastemakers - jewelry and textile designers, a boutique owner and curator, fashion editors and publicists, a singer and a writer - to find out what what defines their sartorial choices. Read on to find out what they wear, where they shop, and what or who inspires them.

Rachael Wang
Profession: Market Director at Nylon Magazine. Stylist and creative consultant: Rachael Wang
Origins: Manhattan Beach, CA
Current Brooklyn neighborhood: Greenpoint 
Earliest sartorial memory: A boy once told me I looked like I had gotten dressed in the dark.
Describe your style in one sentence or less: Unpredictable
Most often worn item: An old pair of Levi's cutoffs. Or my black Church's wing tips .
Prized possession: A handed-down cartouche
Favorite Brooklyn shopping destination: In God We Trust (129 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg), and 10Ft. Single by Stella Dallas (285 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg)
Style icon: Amelia Earhart

Brookelynn Starnes-Statland
Profession: Designer, Buyer and Curator of Cloak & Dagger
Origins: Dirty Jersey
Current Brooklyn neighborhood: Park Slope
Earliest sartorial memory: My most vivid early memory is being so captivated and inspired by Madonna in her "Like A Virgin" days. I used to go through my mother's closet to try and recreate Madonna's look complete with the lace cut off gloves, mom's oversized heels and a glittery scarf tied in a bow around my head.
Describe your style in one sentence or less: An ever-changing mix of new and old, mostly vintage and nautical inspired, with an undertone of grunge rock.
Most often worn item: Right now, my PS1 bag is with me every day.
Favorite Brooklyn shopping destination: Cloak & Dagger (of course!) (77B Hoyt Street, Boerum Hill) and Moon River Chattel (62 Grand Street, Williamsburg)
How does Brooklyn influence your style? I think the Brooklyn girl is really good at keeping it cute while staying super casual. I like that they don't look overdone.
Style icon: Jane Birkin

Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson
Profession: Writer for Blasian, Editor & Producer of RAP FAQs, R&B specialist, Hip hop groupie
Origins: London
Current Brooklyn Neighborhood: East Williamsburg (but I pretend it’s Bushwick)
Earliest sartorial memory: Buying red patent leather pants in Paris. They were like 10 bucks.
Most often worn item: Doc Martens in winter. Hot pants in summer.
Favorite Brooklyn shopping destination: All the beauty supply stores on Fulton in Downtown Brooklyn. I buy hair eyelashes and gold hoops. Staple items.
How does Brooklyn influence your style? I live around a lot of stores that sell bodycon dresses and tight fitted stuff so therefore I buy it.
Style icon: Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives

Lauren Beene
Profession: Fashion Publicist
Origins: I was born in Mexico City and grew up in Southern California. My family now lives in the Bay Area.
Current Brooklyn Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Earliest sartorial memory: When Clueless came out, I conned my grandparents into taking me to see it (it was deemed far too risque by my parents). Soon after, I amassed quite the collection of argyle knee-high socks, plaid skirts and cardigan sets. I was the chicest nine year old around.
Describe your style in one sentence or less: Dressed-up boho, sometimes a bit oversized or overdressed, but always practical.
Most often worn item: My Tania Spinelli flat booties or my oversized Nicole Miller wool coat
Favorite Brooklyn shopping destination: Old Hollywood (99 Franklin Street, Greenpoint), and Catbird (219 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg)
How does Brooklyn influence your style? Brooklyn attracts creative types with strong individual style. It's a fun environment to play with my 'looks' when hanging around the neighborhood.
Style icon: I just got back from a vacation in Buzios, Brazil, where pictures and statues of Brigitte Bardot are everywhere. I am definitely channeling her beach-chic style this summer.

April Chambers
Profession: Independent textile designer and co-founder of Jam Archives
Origins: Born in upstate New York, grew up in New Hampshire   
Current Brooklyn Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Earliest sartorial memory: I was digging through a box of my mom's things when I was a kid and I came across her picture in some newspaper clippings. All I remember is her long dirty blond hair, natural makeup and this amazing brown suede jacket with a big fur collar that went low. That might have been the start of it all.
Describe your style in one sentence: I love clothing, both refined and playful. I like to dress using the right combination of material, texture, line and color to make sense for the day ahead. 
Most often worn item: Half moon ring in gold from my friend Caitlin Mociun's line. I bought it years ago and have worn it everyday since.
Favorite Brooklyn shop: Mociun (224 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg), Sprout (44 Grand Street, Williamsburg) for plants and great planters and Loren (80 Nassau Street, Greenpoint), a denim shop, because I am a lady who likes all things handmade or custom! They will do magic to your favorite denim, short of cutting a pattern.
Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot

Heather White
Profession: Fashion Publicist at BPCM
Origins: Omaha Nebraska.  I grew up mostly in the Midwest and South. My dad was in the Air Force so we moved every couple of years.
Current Brooklyn Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Earliest sartorial memory: Up until the sixth grade, my mom made all of my clothing. She loved bright colors, so while the rest of my classmates were wearing Guess, I had on neon printed jumpers. I always liked to stand out in the way that I dressed. 
Describe your style in one sentence or less: Vintage-inspired and ‘Downtown,’ yet feminine. 
Most often worn item: I started my own jewelry line called Carol Marie a few years ago, and I wear some of it every day. 
Favorite Brooklyn shopping destination: Bird (203 Grand Street, Williamsburg)
How does Brooklyn influence your style? I love how everyone feels free to express themselves... anything goes!

Judith Dry
Profession: Teacher, Personal Assistant, and Singer for Sally Cyborg
Origins: Vermont
Current Brooklyn neighborhood: Fort Greene
Earliest sartorial memory: I wore a vintage tuxedo to my sister's Bat-Mitzvah. I was eight years old. The pants had a tuxedo stripe and the jacket had velvet lapels. 
Describe your style in one sentence: Old school dapper dan meets absent-minded professor.
Most often worn item: My Pendleton Woolen Mills winter coat and cinder-block necklace.
Favorite Brooklyn shopping destination: Al's Men's Shop (1108 Fulton Street, Bed-Stuy) for hatsBed-Stuy Salvation Army (601 Lafayette Avenue, Bed-Stuy), Mystery Train Vintage in the basement of Don Pedro's, (38 Marcy Street, Bushwick) and the Brooklyn Flea when I'm feeling irresponsible with my money.
How does Brooklyn influence your style? Just strolling around the neighborhood is an occasion to dress up. The brownstones are so pretty, I feel like I should dress up for them. I love seeing other people showing their point of view through their clothing. I get ideas from all Brooklynites. 
Style icon: Liberace, James Dean and my father

Megan Ahern
Profession: Freelance Fashion Stylist/Editor
Origins: Little Neck, NY
Current Brooklyn neighborhood: Greenpoint
Earliest sartorial memory: When I was five, I wore bangles all up my arms, a Care Bears heart-shaped purse and black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. It was my uniform.
Describe your style in one sentence: Girly tomboy by day, tomboy in heels by night.
Most often worn item: Rings. I love jewelry and wear small intricate rings on all my fingers
Favorite Brooklyn shopping destination: Catbird (219 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg), for jewelry. I love that store and want to buy everything. My second obsession is lingerie. I like Brooklyn Fox (132 N. 5th Street, Williamsburg), I never leave that store empty handed!
How does Brooklyn influence your style: I just moved to Brooklyn in December after living in Manhattan for 13 years. It’s more casual and chill here - less heels and more flats.
Style icon: Francoise Hardy and Anita Pallenberg. And I like the way men dress - Raf Simmons, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jay Z. It’s more about swagger; I like it when people are themselves.

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