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COLUMN:Second Base

Boyfriend is Changing

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Q: I don’t know what happened. My man and I were doing so well. Sure, we’ve only been dating for a month or so, but things were damn near perfect. Now all of a sudden he’s changing. He’s really short with me on the phone, he doesn’t reciprocate affection as much as he used to, and he’s kind of nonchalant about spending time with me. Please don’t state the obvious and say it sounds like he found someone else because I’ve already considered that. I need a new perspective.

A: Well, based on what you’ve told me I don’t think it’s obvious at all that he’s cheating. That’s a big jump to make from just being a dick. Which is actually the only thing that’s obvious so far. Yeah, your bf is just an ass. Now, I don’t know if he’s an ass in general or a circumstantial ass. For instance, is he under a lot of stress right now? Does he have a lot going on in other areas of his life? Is he a Scorpio? I ask you to consider these things because all of them can lead to random moodiness and overall apathy, especially when dealing with things of an emotional nature. I’m not saying he has an excuse. But there’s nothing wrong with taking this problem with a grain of salt. In other words, don’t read too much into it at this point. You can flavor it how you want, instead of going with the worst case scenario. Be willing to step back a little and let him gain his moment of clarity. You can decide how long you’re going to wait for him to come around. It’s a new relationship so you’ll soon discover if this is a simply a fleck in time, or his modus operandi in relationships.

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