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Five Reasons to Attend the Brooklyn Vintage Crawl


There are few shopping experiences more rewarding than snagging the perfect vintage item. Whether it’s a flawless jacket, an old school typewriter, or a pair of amazing designer shoes - these are the items that you treasure and brag about to all of your jealous friends. So we at Brooklyn Exposed know you are going to be excited when we tell you that the Brooklyn Vintage Crawl through Williamsburg and Greenpoint is back for a second year on November 11th, 12pm to 8pm.

Here are five reasons why you should head there:

1. There are some awesome participants
This event brings shoppers a whole day of vintage sales, making it easy to find what you want. Check out the goods when you peruse items from Fox & Fawn, Sanford and Sven, Ash, Tiger Blanket and more. Thirsty? Participating Williamsburg and Greenpoint bars like Manhattan Inn, Sage and The Commodore will offer some tasty cocktails to wet your whistle.

2. You can snag a cool discount
Boutique and bar participants are all offering sweet discounts. For example, get 10% off everything at ASH Home, 20% off everything (except sale items) at Brooklyn Reclamation and 10% off any purchase at Handsome Dan’s Candy Stand.

3. It is a great way to give back to the community
This event supports local artists and storeowners, giving them business and a wider audience. Last year’s crawl contributed to the retail landscape of the area, paving the way for new boutiques and shops. Some of the crawl stops will also feature local musicians, giving these acts a platform to perform. To aid with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, an additional $1-$5 (or more) will be added to each purchase.  The proceeds will be donated to New York Cares.  10% of sales at RePOP and 20% of overall sales at Dolly G's will also benefit hurricane victims.

4. What better way to spend your Sunday with some friends?
Drinking while checking out clothes, furniture and doodads. What about that doesn’t sound really awesome? Plus you will be in Williamsburg and Grenpoint so there are a million fantastic places to grab a bite after, or to keep drinking.

5. There is an awesome Domino App
No map needed for this crawl. Just download the Domino Street app, making the Vintage Crawl stops accessible on your smartphone. Discounts and promotions will also be posted through this app, allowing you to keep up to date and to have your coupons in hand!

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October 25, 2014

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