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The Body Rampant, Fear Report, The Clox at The Rock Shop!

  • DATE: November 17, 2012
  • TIME: 8:00pm - 11:30pm
  • PRICE: $8
  • ADDRESS: 249 Fourth Avenue, b/w Carroll/President Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

Event Description:

"The Body Rampant is most definitely a legit under-the-radar contender and a band to be taken seriously in the months to come."
-Absolute Punk

Fear Report
Heavy, energetic ROCK with dark undertones. Fear Report's ominous and introspective themes range from inner-turmoil, paranoia, and insanity to overcoming adversity. Intense vocals, heavy riffs, and brooding bass and drums hammer the themes home with poignancy and aggression.

The Clox
The Clox formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2007. The group was developed by Denis Orynbekov (vocals and lead guitar), Russell Bay(drums), Igor Reznik (Rhythm Guitar) and Alex Prokofyev (Bass). In Fall of 2009 quartet became a trio when Alex left the group, and Igor Reznik switched roles from playing rhythm guitar to playing the bass.

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