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Gina Tron was programmed in Vermont, schooled in Montreal, and currently lives in “Do or Die” Bed-Stuy. She’s held many odd jobs, including a not-so-brief stint as a stock broker, but has spent the majority of her career life in television production. She directed live news programs for HDNews and a CBS affiliate, and created graphics, mostly Tori Spelling related, for Lifetime. Since childhood, Gina has been an impulsive writer, and as she grew older and her list of intense life experiences increased, so did her writing. Some of her dark humored fiction has been published in magazines like Gadfly and Trembles and she’s been a contributing writer to fashion & lifestyle magazine, BULLETT. Gina currently contributes to Brooklyn Exposed, Woman Around Town and is a staff writer for a bi-monthly art and music magazine, Pork & Mead. When she’s not writing, she enjoys the nightlife scene, reading, fashion, and drawing creepy comics.

Articles By Gina Tron

  • August 2, 2011 // Neighborhoods

    Your Wednesday Nights Just Got Better with Bembe’s Brooklyn Shakedown

    Nutritious and Zoe Wilder of SpinSpinNYC have been throwing a free weekly party at Bembe every Wednesday night appropriately ent

  • February 21, 2013 // Neighborhoods

    Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Struts its Stuff

    Williamsburg Fashion Weekend brought wild fashions and a party atmosphere in its 12th season on the runway

  • September 11, 2012 // Style Sniper

    Chic for Fall

    Sniped: Tamara Laine Where Sniped: Prospect Park West & 16th Street What We Love: Her anthropologist chic outfit. Sexy boots paired with neutral tones and a surprisingly cool fanny pack. Perfect fall outfit!

  • August 22, 2012 // Style Sniper

    Pretty In Peach

    Name: Hinda Where Sniped: Bedford Avenue & S 2nd Street, Williamsburg What We Love: Her pretty peach flowy dress! We love the way its cut!! And we also love that she jazzed it up with a vintage Dior belt and a pretty gold necklace.

  • August 1, 2012 // Style Sniper

    Lydia-Like Lady

    Name: Cora Where Sniped: 14th ave and 41st Street, Borough Park What We Like: Her style is very Lydia ala Beetlejuice. Black hair and smoking shades with an all black attire. All black minus one not so small detail: the shoes! She told me she ordered these striped platformed babies from Japan.

  • July 25, 2012 // Style Sniper

    Pretty in Casual

    (Photo: Gina Tron) Name: Shakira Where Sniped: Nassau & Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint What we like: We love her hair! And her ability to make a pretty casual outfit look ultra hip with the right usage of accessories.

  • February 2, 2012 // Style Sniper

    Business On Top, Party On The Bottom

    (Photo: Gina Tron) Name: Annie Sniped: Franklin & Madison Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant What We Like: Her demure red coat is ultra classy. That in combination with her glasses and chic scarf make her outfit from the waist up perfectly acceptable for a business conference. But her legs and shoes say differently! She's wearing sexy black stockings which she is rocking with white socks and badass boots.

  • January 24, 2012 // Neighborhoods

    Stay Warm, Stay Stylish

    We’ve reached the months of January and February when the weather can be brutally cold. So, you best be bundled up if you don’t

  • January 18, 2012 // Style Sniper

    Hepburn in Brooklyn?

    (Photo: Gina Tron) Name: Melissa Sniped: North 10th and Berry Street, Williamsburg What We Like: We love that she sort of looks like a Brooklynite version of Audrey Hepburn.  We adore her grey little cape and white knit hat. We also love her wintry socks that she is wearing over her leggings. The perfect outfit to keep warm on a long shopping journey!

  • January 12, 2012 // Style Sniper

    Subtle Colors, Big Hair

    (Photo: Gina Tron) Name: Nat Sniped: 10th and Berry, Williamsburg What We Like: Her wild hair and badass shades! It adds super style to her awesome attire. We love her tight tan pants, and the way she tucks them into her slouchy black boots. It goes perfectly with her grey coat, which is as classic as it is modern. The gold chain on her purse and her gold hoop earrings add the right amount of bling.  

  • January 9, 2012 // Style Sniper

    Shades of Grey

    (Photo: via Gina Tron) Name: Gary Sniped: North 8th St and Bedford Ave, Williamsburg What we like: His almost-combat styled boots and shades. Gary has done a wonderful job of wearing mostly greys and demin but adding in just the right about of color, in the form of an Easter-esque pastel sweater. His grey hat tops off his laid back look.

  • December 15, 2011 // Neighborhoods

    Give the Gift of “Cool”

    Why deck the halls and ring in the new year with drab gear when you can do it in style…Brooklyn Style. We found eight cool gifts

  • December 13, 2011 // Neighborhoods

    Park Slope Gets A Little French With Chouchounette

    There’s a new shop that offers an eclectic mix of clothing and accessories, many of which are independently designed or handmad

  • December 13, 2011 // Neighborhoods

    A Pop Up Worth Popping Into

    Poundcake recently had a pop-up shop in Nolita, but has now partnered with jewelry designer Sonja Fries for a great little pop-u

  • November 8, 2011 // Style Sniper

    Splash of Color

    (Photo: via Gina Tron) Name: Zena Where spotted: Subway What we like: Her flapper-esque bangs paired with a cute little red hat. The horsey sweater is as stylish as it is comfy and the splash of primary colors at her head and feet really make her pop.

  • October 17, 2011 // Style Sniper

    Mod Vintage

    Name: Oweinama Where sniped: Montrose and Manhattan Avenue, Bushwick What we like: We love his mod-inspired style. Mixing rock and roll pants and boots with a vintage suit top gives him a distinct look, which is finished off with a glam fur-trimmed jacket.

  • October 12, 2011 // Neighborhoods

    CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival

    CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival has announced its biggest and baddest line up yet with a fun-filled five day event. From Oc

  • October 11, 2011 // Neighborhoods

    Danceable Bands At Sugarland’s “Dancestand”

    Sugarland hosts an event entitled Dancestand, a segment of “The Electric Donkey Show” two Thursdays a month, one that is definit

  • September 22, 2011 // Neighborhoods

    Our Favorite Dive Bars

    Dive bars, hole-in-wall, whatever you want to call them there is a charm that attracts us to these type of bars. There’s somethi

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