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Five Top Brooklyn Biking Routes

by Lance Martin

Brooklyn is by far the coolest borough in NYC, we all know it and that’s why we live here! What some of you might not know, however, is that Brooklyn has the best cycling in NYC as well. From ocean side green ways to forested bike paths, Brooklyn is THE place to cycle in NYC. Check out these routes when you get a chance and see if you don’t agree!

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Prospect Park – Brooklyn’s answer to Central park offers a 3.4 mile loop that is completely closed to car traffic except for 2 hours every weekday morning and afternoon (7-9am and 5-7pm).  The park is gorgeous and if you haven’t ridden this route yet you are missing out! The path is wide and can accommodate a large amount of traffic. Take the B, Q lines to stops right next to the park, as well as the 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines. Also, Atlantic-Pacific stop is relatively close – take any train there and then ride straight up Flatbush Avenue to Prospect Park.

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Shore Parkway Waterfront Greenway, Bay Ridge – This greenway boasts some beautiful water front cycling with impressive views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. It also offers beautiful parks along the whole length of the route, including pier 69 at its North end and Owls Head Park just inland from the pier. At the other end sits Bensonhurst Park with ample grass, benches and the Breakpoint Tennis Center. The greenway is 4 miles long making for a nice 8 mile round trip ride. If a longer route is desired, continue to Coney Island from Bensonhurst Park by taking the bike lane along Shore parkway. The greenway is accessible via the R subway line at the Bay Ridge Ave stop. Take Bay Ridge Avenue towards the water and it ends at Pier 69. How convenient!

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Coney Island Boardwalk – The boardwalk is open to bicyclists only during the morning hours from 5am to 10 am. Despite the limited accessibility, Coney Island is quintessential Brooklyn, elevating this ride from a simple cycling experience to a historical and cultural event. It is roughly two miles long, providing a leisurely single lap or more if desired. This route can easily be reached by subway via the Q, N, D, F, and B lines.

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Rockaway Beach – The Rockaway peninsula includes numerous bike routes, the best being a roughly 4 mile bicycle only path that runs right along side the beach starting near Far Rockaway. Along this route are some of the most beautiful and least crowded beaches in NYC. The best way to get to this area is by car, but the A line does make it this far, although it is a long train ride.

Shore Parkway Greenway, Jamaica Bay – This route can provide as long a ride as you like, connecting to numerous other paths including the previous three rides listed. Be sure to obtain an NYC bike map (available at any bike shop, library, and school in NYC, or online). This route follows the Shore Parkway as it skirts Jamaica Bay, starting in Sheepshead Bay and ending near Lindenwood (almost to JFK Airport). Subway access to this route is limited, so it is suggested only for those who want a 10+ mile ride that connects with the other routes listed, or those with access to a car.

Check out these rides and let us know of any others that you think should be on here!

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October 25, 2014

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